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Labrador Lab Tested Pet Products
(Our Beloved Coco)

How the “Lab Tested” Label Was Born name is Coco. I was a Yellow Labrador Retriever and lived with my human family in Sydney, Australia. I was 12 years old when I passed away, just before Christmas, in 2016.
During my all too short life I irrevocably changed my Mum’s life. She got into dog training because of me and ended up training assistance puppies. I helped her too despite of my arthritis which made me slow down a bit but I still attended dog school 1 week before I died.
My Mum, her name is Cecilia, loved me very much and was always on the lookout to buy beautiful things for me. She looked for collars and leashes, bedding and other accessories. To her dismay all the beautiful pieces were made only in small sizes for small dogs and the rare dog beds she liked were very poor in quality so they never lasted past a year. She has decided to design and make all those beautiful things for me and for my brothers and sisters out there who belong to the larger breeds. We deserve pampering just like our smaller relatives.
This is how Lab Tested was born. I would have been The Lab to test those products but it wasn’t meant to be. Luckily she has many suitable testers with all those gorgeous Labrador puppies she trains and I can approve from here, from the Great Beyond.

ABN: 78263646238